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Professional team Bioarkt®

The Team Bioarkt is formed by highly specialized professionals in various sectors that make up the sustainable design, and structural nature.

The certification of bioclimatic projects and buildings

The study has been concerned for years to design and implement ideas aimed at certifying the creation of buildings and spaces that are livable by both bioclimatic point of view that in terms of socio-economic, public and private, carrying out works with the certified quality mark 'ecological BIOARKT .




With the Bioclimatic Architecture is to demonstrate how even in our latitudes ecology have any place to get and characterization to develop systems of analysis, evaluation, certification of products and built environments and tools defining parameters compatible with ecology and economy, and getting social recognition of the validity 'of interventions Bioclimaticamente correct.
The main topic to understand "what is the difference between Architecture and BIOARCHITECTURE", since the two materials are substantially identical, but differ in content and methods of


From January 2011 we started writing the book together "THE BIOARCHITETTO" for the magazine to renovate his house in a sustainable way Casaenergia which is part of the largest portal of the European renewable ZeroEmission, trying to make a concrete contribution to the spread of a construction method BIO and design..


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The ecological design indicates the criteria for proper design in compliance bioecologiche, through analysis of key factors such as climate and microclimate, lighting, noise, protection from moisture 'in order to create buildings healthy and livable.
This book, required reading in the study in various universities', alongside topics such alternative sources of renewable energy (particularly solar and wind), focuses on the analysis of the main bioclimatic building materials, methods of selection and application materials and products for green building and the electrical and heating systems.
The themes are accompanied by examples, plans and specifications and constructed wetlands.
The discussion includes a complete analysis of a proposed new building bioclimatic through Tuscany, through extensive documentation contains drawings and photos of interior and exterior spaces, planning the design and construction methods .

Activities of the Professional Group Bioarkt ®

Architecture - Green Building - Living Architecture

Architecture Social Health

to awareness of the importance of living in healthy environments, is becoming more a necessity felt by all and is gradually emerging from the small circle of patrons pay particular attention to issues like bio-climatic.

Similarly, technologies and operating procedures of this particular sector are increasingly becoming an integral part of the heritage of those who want to design and construct in a workmanlike manner.

But do not be surprised if it is true that now, in many areas of industry and services, most do not mind only the intrinsic quality of the product but the fulfillment of criteria that take into account both security and the environment.

This guarantees the highest standards of quality of life.

Taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of environmental issues, are in-depth studies and research in the field regarding the Ecological Architecture, building on experience gained during the occupation and based on this is founded Studio BIOARKT which is formed by a team of expert professionals and registered the trademark for Eco-labeling and the livability of the buildings, designed to:

promote research and scientific development and technological development aimed at applications of renewable sources and adoption of technologies and measures targeted to the rational use of energy

collect process and disseminate scientific and technological information;

promote and support any initiative to further improve the dissemination of knowledge and technologies in the areas of interest, including through coordination between the stages of applied research, development, demonstration and industrial promotion, promote vocational training;

emphasize, first reported in all actions, the important environmental value of technologies related to renewable and efficient energy use, in view of the contribution these can make to reducing the factors responsible for the degradation of both scale locally and globally.

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